General Terms and Conditions of GOFRESH GmbH ("Provider") for the use of the "" mobile Internet Platform ("General Terms and Conditions") as of April 21st 2008 stands also for other domain names under the trademark "itsmy", including but not limited to "", "" and "".

2. Services
2.1 is a mobile communication, content and application platform for Users to access via Internet-enabled (mobile) end devices. The Services which can be used or are made available via the Platform include the saving of user-generated contents with both upload and download options, the creation of personalized home pages and also other message, chat and entertainment services and also services for personalizing mobile phones with logos and ring tones. The Services are described in detail on the website.
2.2 The Services and the Platform can be reached and used via Internet-enabled mobile or land-line end devices (such as cell phones, PDAs, computers, mobile game consoles and any other suitable digital communications device) via the Internet or the mobile Internet. The availability may vary from region to region.

4.The User's duties
5.Granting of use rights
6.Blocking of contents and the Account
7.Liability and restriction of liability
8.Termination of use
10.General provisions
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